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Does This Sound Familiar?

A customer approaches a teller and says that their debit card has been stolen online. The teller brings them to an office where the customer explains their situation to a bank representative. Usually, the customer will explain that the bank's website or Amazon is to blame. 

Now, we know that this isn't the case. The customer's information was either stolen in person or when they unknowingly visited a website of questionable integrity. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to convince your customer that it wasn't your fault, they rarely concur. This can result in hours of wasted time a week and even thousands of dollars in reimbursement costs a month. 

Well, we have the solution! You can become a Bank Partner with Computer Paramedic and finally have a place to send your anxious customers for proper technical consultation. Look below to see how it works!

Step 1 - Product

Arm your bank's managers and tellers with the right tool so they can respond quickly and efficiently to a customer with computer concerns. 

You'll get as many customized business cards as you need so that your employees can be ready to hand them to any customer with computer problems that you know are unrelated to your bank.

Step 2 - Easy Word Tract

Many times a customer will blame their compromised debit card on the security of your bank's website or large reputable seller like Amazon. We don't want you to explain why they're wrong. We'll do that for you! Just tell them this...

"(Website in question) has not been compromised. We highly recommend Computer Paramedic. Its a local business and they'll come to your house to see if your computer has been compromised."

Step 3 - Transfer Customer

As soon as you've finished your word tract, its as easy as handing your customer a Computer Paramedic Business Card offering them a FREE In-Home Computer Inspection. 

Now, your customer will have access to an affordable, reliable computer technician and they won't have to come to your tellers for tech support anymore. 

Some banks have already spent millions of dollars because of customer's unsafe web browsing habits. Don't let it get that far! We won't just service your customer's computers. We'll teach them how to shop safely online. Contact Us today to become a Bank Partner!