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Churches Get 20% Off ALL Services!

Whether your church has 20 members or 2000, your church can get reliable, integrity-driven computer services at HUGE discounts with 20% Off ALL services. From Tune Ups to Brand New Computers, your church can Save Big and Stay Fast so that your technology doesn't slow down your ministry one bit!

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Slow Office Computers?

The ladies in the office do a lot for our churches. One of the biggest frustrations church secretaries experience is having to deal with extremely slow, outdated computer equipment. Many times, they are unable to be given suitable computers because its not in the budget. Take this chance to give back to your hard workers in the office. Have us stop by and look around the office so we can help get your equipment up to date!

Music & Editing

If your church has a music program or even a recording job to be done every Sunday, you could be moving a lot slower than you need to, especially if you use Macs. Many times, upgrading your current Mac or PC computers can help you finish sound, photo, and video jobs in less then half the time. The sound guys are are the usually the most under-appreciated servants at the church. Give them a big "Thank You" by giving them what they need to do their work quickly and efficiently!

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