Video Surveillance & Security 

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Video Security For Your Home

Imagine the peace of mind you could have with a professional home security system! With tons of indoor and outdoor configuration options, you can have your dream security system at home. Nest is the best in the business and we only use their top-of-line security epquipment so you can be guaranteed that you're getting the best quality available. Look below to find out more!

Amplifi HD Mesh Wireless Network

Every home security system starts with reliable Wifi. That's why we'll install a State-Of-The-Art Amplifi HD Mesh Wireless Network with your new security cameras. They guarantee that every inch of your property will be covered by fast, reliable Wifi so you never have to worry about your cameras being out of range. We'll also make it secure, so you can rest assured that you're the only ones looking through your cameras. 

Nest Secure

Nest Secure uses a central hub and wall mounts that are sleek and out of the way. Know every time something moves in your home while you're away. Enter and exit your home and disarm the alarm system with a passcode, your keys, or even your smartphone! 

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Full 1080p HD

Don't settle for wimpy cameras that use cheap plastic hardware and have extremely blurry pictures. Leave even Standard HD in the dust with Full 1080p HD resolution!

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Night Vision

You won't loose sight just because the lights are off. Nest cameras feature crystal-clear 1080p Night Vision so you can see everything happening in the dark. 

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Mounting Options​

You can put them on desks, walls, ceilings, floors and basically anywhere else! They magnetically attach to metal surfaces, or can be permanently mounted to a variety of different surfaces. 

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If you have access to device that connects to the internet, you can see any of your cameras at any time! Watch all of your cameras at once or zoom in on one specific camera and listen to what's going on!

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Talk Balk

Whether you're trying to put your little one to sleep, talk the the delivery guy, or ward off an intruder, you can talk through any of your cameras with crystal clear audio. 

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Not only can you store up to 30 days of video and take screenshots, but you can receive alerts on your tablet and smartphone whenever there's activity in front of a camera. With live alerts, you'll never miss a thing. 

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24/7 Power

You never have to worry about loosing power or replacing batteries with Nest Cams. They plug in to a standard power outlet so you can be sure you don't miss a thing. You can even mount them directly on outlets so there are no visible wires!

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Works On All Your Devices

Whether you own computers, smart phones, tablets, or even smart watches, we'll properly configure the Nest app on each of them for you so you can just log in and enjoy the security!

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Nest's outdoor cameras are extremely durable and are completely weatherproof! Keep getting 1080p picture even in the roughest of weather conditions!

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