BUY refurbished MACS

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Here Are 3 Reasons To Buy Your Next Mac

@ Computer-Paramedic

1. Pay As Low As 1/4 The Price Of A New Mac From Apple

2. Custom Configurations That Are Up To 30x Faster Than New

3. Delivery & Professional Set-Up Included In Price!

Check Out The Used Macs We Offer Below

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13" Macbook Pro

Starting @ $600

Up to 16gb Ram

Up to 2.9ghz Dual Core i7

Great If You're Always O​n The Go!

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15" Macbook Pro

Starting @ $700

Up to 16gb Ram

Up to 2.7ghz Quad Core i7

Great If You Spend More Time At A Desk!

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17" Macbook Pro

Starting @ $1000

Up to 16gb RAM

Up to 2.5ghz Quad Core i7

Great If You Need Maximum Screen Space For Editing!

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21.5" iMac

Starting @ $700

Up to 32gb RAM

Up to 2.8ghz Quad Core i7

Great Performance and A Beautiful Screen For The Home User!

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27" iMac

Starting @ $900

Up to 32gb RAM

Up to 3.4ghz Quad Core i7

The Ultimate iMac For The Ultimate Enthusiast!

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Mac Pro

Starting @ $1000

Up to 128gb RAM

Up to Dual 6-core Xeons

The Ultimate Mac Desktop For The Power User

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Windows on a Mac???

What's the number one reason people don't buy Apple computers? Because they're too expensive, but we've already solved that problem... So, what's the second reason? People need Windows for certain tasks or they don't want to give up what they already know how to use, but here's some good news you may have not known... You CAN install Windows on your Mac computer! This is great news because nobody makes hardware like Apple, so why choose between the best hardware and your favorite operating system when you can have the best of both worlds? Have Windows 7 or 8 installed on ANY of our Used Macs, or have it installed on your own.


The only thing faster than a Solid State Drive are 2 Solid State Drives in a RAID 0 Configuration. In a RAID 0 configuration, your computer reads and writes data from both drives at the same time, effectively doubling your performance as it utilizes the space on both drives. Many of the Macs listed above can not only be upgraded with a Solid State Drive, but with 2 of them in a RAID 0 configuration. A traditional Hard Drive in an Apple computer transfers data at 50MB/s. A Solid State drive will transfer data between 300MB/s - 600MB/s, depending on the drive. Two Solid State Drives in RAID 0 will transfer data up to 1,000MB/s! Ask for a Mac with a RAID 0 configuration and experience up to 3x the performance of any Mac that Apple has offered in the past!

Other World Computing ~

For The Highest Quality

The last thing you want to do is use RAM from a nameless company shipping from China. JD's Computer Services only uses Ultra High Quality RAM from the Number 1 manufacturer of Mac-compatible hardware since 1988, Other World Computing. Based in Illinois, OWC arguably makes the highest quality RAM that you can put in your Mac. There's only 1 brand of RAM we trust for your upgrade and that's Other World Computing. 

*Most Refurbished Macs Will Have Some Light Scratches