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Services Offered

Explore many of the services available to you below. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Whatever your computer needs are, Computer Paramedic can take care of you. Contact Us today to set up your IN-HOME appointment or bring your equipment straight to us where we have all of the latest and greatest diagnostic tools. Can't come to us? We're happy to come to you and we're available for appointments in most of Williamson, Rutherford, Davidson, and Maury County.

Tune Up & Virus Removal

You would never drive your car for several years with no maintenance, would you? Oddly enough, people often give their cars the tune ups they need but never their computers. Neglecting maintenance leads to poor performance and viruses. A Tune Up will ensure you're up-to-date, safe, and moving at the speed you should be.

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Wireless Networking

Wireless networks can seem challenging to set up and their complexity often leaves doubts in owner's minds about how secure their information really is. Don't struggle for hours with set up and then worry for years about security. Have your home network professionally configured and secured.

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Hands-On Learning

Owning a computer for years isn't enough time to become familiar with all that it can do and buying a new computer can be a scary thought after being familiar with the same system for a long time. Get hands on training in YOUR home with YOUR computer so you can personalize, organize, and simplify your computer experience.

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Mac Upgrades

If you're like millions of other computer owners, you have a Mac somewhere in the house. Macbooks, iMacs, and other hardware from Apple are all extremely efficient machines, but did you know that most of them have factory limitations that keep them performing at around 30% of their potential? Contact us today to find out how your old or new Mac can be upgraded to put its performance off the shelf to shame!

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Brand New Desktops

Many of us have old HP or Dell desktops that we purchased well before 2010. While tune ups and hardware upgrades can improve their performance in small increments, the best choice the desktop owner can make is a new, future-proof desktop that will be up to 30x faster than your current machine. At half the price of comparable retail computers and no factory limitations, its hard to resist a custom, hand made, easy to use, blazing fast desktop.

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Windows 10 Upgrade

The first thing you need to know about Windows 10 is that there is nothing to be scared of. Its much more similar to your current version of Windows than you may think, even if you're still using Windows XP. The second thing you need to know about Windows 10 is that it is much safer than older versions of Windows, many of which are no longer supported by Microsoft Security. The best way to ensure that your files and online information are safe is to upgrade to Windows 10.

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Sometimes things like printers can be a pain to set up, especially newer wireless options. Installing your new printer and getting it to connect to your network can be tricky. If your having trouble configuring something that attaches to your computer, we can help you get it going the right way!

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Data Transfer

Getting a new computer or upgrading Windows? Don't take a chance with all of your valuable data disappearing during the process. Get your data backed up and make sure it stays right where you wanted it when you've finished your upgrade.

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While Windows 10 and Mac OS X offer reputable built in security, an extra layer of ransomware protection and a stronger network firewall can assure you that you are as protected as possible in a digitally hostile world. Most home users have programs like Norton or Mcafee pre-installed on their computer. These programs offer terrible performance and they slow down your machine and need to be replaced with either Mac or Windows built in security or a stronger third-party security suite.

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