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Small Businesses are the heartbeat of any city and Middle TN is no different. People just like me are constantly looking to buy from the little guy so they can put hard earned money into the hands of honest, hard-working people.Computer Paramedic is looking to help fortify this process by offering Small Businesses friendly, integrity-driven computer services at extremely affordable prices. 

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Tune Ups / Upgrades

Most small business have a few computers and with all of the keeping up that needs to be done for the sake of the business, the last thing owners want to be worried about is their computers. Its worth it for your business to know that your computer equipment is running as it should and everything is up to date. A crashed computer can be a big blow to a business, but regular tune ups can prevent a large percentage of sudden crashes. 

Security / Computer Monitoring

Security may seem like a matter for large corporations and paranoid individuals, but it's extremely important for your small business. Did you know that your entire system could crash if an employee clicks on just one malicious link online? That's a lot of data potentially lost or stolen. One thing you definitely can't afford is all of your customer's information falling into the hands of a cyber-thief. From Anti-Virus to Network Firewalls to Monitoring everything your employees are doing on your computers, JD's Computer Services has got you covered at extremely affordable prices. 

Wireless Networking

While we don't service businesses that run off of a server, we do service businesses that have more than a few things connected to their wireless network. Getting a combination of Desktops, Laptops, PCs, Macs, and Printers to all work seamlessly and securely can sometimes be a bit complicated. If you need to expand your wireless capabilities or simplify your current wireless setup, let us know and we'll help you get it configured so that it's as secure and easy to use as possible.

Keep Your Mind Off Your Computers And On Your Business. Have Us Come In For Quarterly Check Ups By Signing Up For One Of Our Small Business Advantage Plans!

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